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Bathtub Repair Fort Lauderdale

Now more than ever, refinishing is the quickest, most economical way to upgrade bathrooms and kitchens.

Along with giving a modern look to bathrooms, housekeeping is made easier. Since grout lines are also coated, mold and mildew will not form in the grout lines.

Whether you are a hotel or apartment manager, landlord or investor, our expertise can save you both time and money. Old, dull, chipped or outdated colored tubs and tile can be given a new lease of life. We can repair holes in steel, cast iron, cultured marble and fiberglass tubs.

With our process, there is no demolition. So you don’t need plumbers, electricians, tilers, drywall hangers, carpenters. Also our process is considered cosmetic so no permits or waiting for inspections.

By choosing refinishing over replacement you will save up to 80%. You can apply these savings in other areas of your remodeling plans. With our high tech performance bath tub refinishing products we can repair almost any porcelain bathtub, fiberglass bathtub, ceramic bathtub, or acrylic bath tub.

Ceramic tile can be repaired and resurfaced as well, allowing for complete bathroom color changes in a matter of hours, without disrupting the walls, plumbing or electrical work inside of a bathroom. Bathtub refinishing usually takes 3-4 hours to complete from start to finish so your hotel rooms or apartment will be ready for occupancy the very same day unlike bathtub remodeling which could take weeks to complete!!

Since 1993, Celtic Tub Refinishers has been providing practical and innovative kitchen and bathroom Remodeling designs with the title of "Leading Platform for Kitchen Renovations in Fort Lauderdale".

"We are extremely happy to be the leading remodeling company using cost effective resurfacing and refinishing platforms for kitchen, bathroom and other renovation service provider in Fort Lauderdale. Our professional kitchen Refinishers in Fort Lauderdale can renovate your kitchen into one that you can be proud to show. If you are looking to renovating your home while saving thousands of dollars, please call the professionals at Celtic Tub Refinishers for a free estimate and consultation." 

Celtic Tub Refinishers is owned and operated by Charlie Roache whom prides himself in being the most responsive design company in kitchen renovations in Fort Lauderdale. Quality and Excellence are tradition here and the companies long list of very happy clients speaks for itself. "As a full-service kitchen and bathroom renovation expert in Florida, we can help with every aspect of your kitchen and bathroom remodeling from concept through completion. We deliver excellent service and exceptional craftsmanship all to ensure an outcome that will meet your every expectation." 

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